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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do You Think You Are?

Ryan Miller and Matt Amberg! Who are you!?


Can I have a free code for something?

Mayyyyyybe. When we have codes to give away we will make sure people know. Some will be given away on the podcast, some may be tweeted out and others...well, others may be won in contests. Will we ever just email you, Consumer X, a code? 




This probably should have been the FIRST question.

0hitpoints started out with Ryan and Matt just chatting away over XBox Live. From there, it blossomed into a beautiful friendship that has stood the test of time. In reality, we had been waffling for many years about working on a project together ranging from Audio/Video/Photography-related business all the way to making only 1 specific type of cheese. As they continued to talk over video games about the game itself, other games, movies, music, comic books and everything in between, they realized that recording the completely inane discussion might be entertaining for some. So, the 0Hitpoints podcast was born!

Neither Ryan nor Matt have much interest in the "journalism" aspect of talking about video games but they have an incredible amount of interest in hearing their own voices and tooting their own horns and so the 0Hitpoints podcast will remain the focus for the forseeable future. 

That intro music is super great! Who is the artist behind it!?

You're absolutely right! The music is super great, thanks for noticing.
The artist is Seattle musician Sean Armstrong. He's been making great music for years and the intro music he penned for 0Hitpoints is not even the tip of the iceberg. It's the tippy tip of the tip of the iceberg. He puts out great stuff and it's all worth a listen!

Want to hear more of his music? Check out his site at www.sliptide.com

Should another question be asked here?

You tell us! We'll update this page when, due to our startling popularity, we receive the same question multiple times and we just get tired of answering it.