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Episode 21 - The Lost Boys


One time I went to Sea World with my parents when I was a kid and I got lost so I had to go to this office and there was another lost kid and we sat in this room and played with blocks for a while until my dad showed up, so that's right you guessed it we're doing The Lost Boys this week! With special guests Game Night: Ryan Edition, Blood and Black Lace, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and The Addams Family.

Episode 12 - Battle Royale


Matt and Ryan stop camping in the bathroom with a shotgun long enough to talk about this week's murder movie: Battle Royale! And/or you can stick around after for some of The Raid: Redemption, 13 Ghosts, and House on Haunted Hill, your call. Movies!

Episode 11 - A Quiet Place


The irony is lost on Matt and Ryan as they spend a good 30 minutes loudly talking about A Quiet Place before Foxcatcher, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Commuter, and Jigsaw also get the not-silent treatment!

Episode 6 - School Ties


Ryan and Matt embrace the Brenaissance and give School Ties the ol' college (public school) try before giving 1922, Planet Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, and Dunkirk more of a normal, less-education focused try.

Episode 4 - Black Panther


Here it is, the Book Club for Movies where we spend real-world money on a real-good movie: Black Panther! If that has you down just stick around for Hulk and The Ritual, because this is the order of things now!