what is a reverse improvement

Episode 1 - The Shotgun Inauguration


This is it, Matt and Ryan make it official, Movies are the next big thing! It may take a while for this brave new medium to find its footing, so this week we do our best to support upstarts like Tangerine, Brawl in Cell Block 99, the Mens in Black, The Last Jedi and/or Samurai, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Iron Man 3, Thor Ragnarok, The Man Who Knew Too Little, If Looks Could Kill, Zathura, I Am Number Four, Race to Witch Mountain, Deja Vu, Next, Source Code, Clear and Present Danger, Fearless, Cast Away, and What Lies Beneath.

And if that seems like too much then you're in luck, we'll regularly be tackling just one movie a week starting with Jackie Chan's latest The Foreigner. So watch the film, join the discussion, and maybe together we can finally get the word out: movies are pretty good!