what is a reverse improvement

Episode 61 - Primer


A primer for the movie Primer would actually come in pretty handy, think about it, because we sure did! We also thought a little bit about Always Be My Maybe and The Favourite. Still confused!

Episode 59 - Stay Tuned


Congratulations, you Stayed Tuned for Stay Tuned, our work here is done. Except then we also talked about I Love You Man (we do), Hot Fuzz, and John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum. And THEN our work here is done. See you next week.

Episode 58 - Bandersnatch


It's time to choo-choo-choose your own adventure movie-game-hybrid-headache this week as Matt and Ryan try and get it right for the first time by Bandersnatching, Step Brothering, Demon Knighting, and Three Identical Strangersing! Really fell apart on that last one huh

Episode 54 - TVVB 1


TV kills the movie star this week as Matt and Ryan spend their last Colorado minute together trading TV shows until one is declared the winner out of some false sense of necessity! TV!

Episode 49 - Brick


My favorite thing about last week is this podcast and how it 100% came out, but also how it's about the movie Brick and also a little bit about The Proposition, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Free Fire, and the Karate Kids from 1 to Next.

Episode 46 - Isle of Dogs


Is time travel real? Is it still last week? All these questions and more answered on this week's last week podcast about Isle of Dogs with a little help from Insidious, Velvet Buzzsaw, Ocean's 8, The Meg, and They Shall Not Grow Old.